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Cosmetic Sleeve Weight Loss Science
with Cosmetic Results
by Dr. Michael Feiz

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Signature Procedure

Introducing our exclusive weight loss procedure, the Cosmetic Sleeve, uniquely crafted for patients focused on losing 20 pounds or more. This elevated approach at weight loss surgery combines the vision of cosmetic procedures with the skill and precision of a renowned bariatric surgeon giving patients a long-lasting foundation for an overall leaner body. This procedure allows patients who have been turned away from procedures like tummy tuck and liposuction, and patients who may not have thought of themselves as candidates for weight loss surgery, the opportunity to lose stubborn fat and gain confidence. This is Hollywood’s best kept “secret”, and we are ready to help patients shed the pounds as we shed light on this exclusive weight loss solution developed by: Dr. Michael Feiz

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Dr. Michael Feiz M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Feiz is widely regarded as possibly the finest practitioner of bariatric medicine in the United States. Since opening his Beverly Hills, California practice, he has pioneered improved weight loss surgeries and has performed countless successful gastric sleeves and other beneficial weight loss procedures.

A world class surgeon, Dr. Feiz has received praise from countless grateful patients for their outstanding outcomes as well as for his compassionate bedside manner. Dr. Feiz understands the often touchy issues surrounding excess weight and weight loss; he is happy to discuss whatever concerns patients might have before and after their weight loss procedures.

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Dr. Feiz is one of the absolute best surgeons in the world. His knowledge is unparalleled and he is very kind and hands on with his patients. He has forever changed my life and I can't thank him enough.

Audrey C.

Patient's Weight
Loss Journey

This weight loss success story takes us on an emotional journey as Lindsey, an LA celebrity makeup artist and skincare specialist undergoes the Cosmetic Sleeve with Dr. Michael Feiz. Lindsey candidly shares the struggles she’s faced with her body image as someone who works in front of the camera and is in the spotlight. Like many people, Lindsey’s realization of the emotional anxiety caused by her weight came in 2020— "realizing that this is one life to live…I want to live the best life possible in the healthiest way possible, Lindsey."

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